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Help Lismore Library - We'll Match Your Book Gift

by Book Grocer on March 18, 2022
Help rebuild Lismore Library

During the recent New South Wales floods, Lismore Library suffered a devastating blow.

You might have seen this photo circling around:
Lismore City Library New South Wales Flooding Australia
(Image Credit: @fionagrose on Instagram)
This is Lismore City Library in NSW.  In the recent floods they suffered the loss of thousands of books.
As a team of book lovers, we can feel the heartbreak the community feels through these photos. Books are a source of comfort, a safe place, a second home, and we want to bring that back to the Lismore community.

This has inspired us to start our Book Gift initiative, and here's where you come in.

Book Gift Donate Books to Libraries, Schools, and we will match your donation
Change the world, one book at a time with Book Grocer's Book Gift. 
Book Grocer will match, in Book Boxes, the value of your gift. 
Book Grocer is currently supporting Lismore Library in their rebuilding efforts.
So if you buy a $200 Book Gift, we'll send Lismore Library a $200 gift card to spend on any items on our website - PLUS, we'll also send them two $100 Book Boxes of their choice.*

... but we want to do more.

Book Grocer for Lismore hashtag on Instagram
We want to help bring awareness for Lismore City Library and bring together our family of book lovers nationally, and even internationally.
For every re-share of this photo on your Instagram or Facebook feed under the hashtag #BookGrocerForLismore on Instagram or Facebook, we will donate $1.
Please note that on Instagram, it must be re-shared on your feed, not stories. We will be keeping track via the number of posts under the hashtag #BookGrocerForLismore.
Facebook users, please share the original post. We will be keeping track via the number of re-shares on our original post, which is pinned at the top of our Facebook page.
All proceeds will go to Lismore City Library.

Let's help rebuild Lismore Library.

Terms and Conditions

Book Gift is for an institution (library, school etc). All Book Gifts will go to the recipient nominated in our Book Gift product, which will change from time to time. You can suggest future recipients for Book Gift for by sending us an email. Currently, all Book Gifts will go to Lismore Library's rebuilding efforts. 

Book Grocer will collate all Book Gifts and present the recipient with a gift voucher for the total amount, along with the matching Book Boxes donation, at the end of the period (likely to be around 3-4 weeks, or when the cap is reached, whichever is sooner). 

Book Grocer is not a Deductible Gift Recipient (so you cannot claim a tax deduction on this gift). However, we will pass on the details of your contribution if you wish.  You will receive an email after purchasing Book Gift which will ask you to reply and opt-in to have your name included as a donor. 

*Book Grocer's matching donation for Lismore Library will be capped at a net amount of $10,000 worth of Book Boxes. This total includes both the Book Gift and the re-share initiatives.


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