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The true Book Grocer site

by Book Grocer on July 12, 2021

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Lately, you might have noticed a website that looks a lot like ours, with similar products, and the same imagery, on the internet. Thank you to everyone who's reached out recently to let us know that something's not quite right with that site, and wondering if we're doing anything about it.  

Firstly and most importantly:  The Book Grocer site is here, right where you are. It's safe here. Anytime you're not sure, just check the address bar - the page you're on should start with https://bookgrocer.com (not somethingelse.com). Nothing about our Book Grocer website has been modified or changed.  Our payment gateway is still secure and your details are still stored privately.  We are the only ones selling our Book Boxes and that's how it's going to stay.

What's happened is more like someone has set up a lemonade stand next door to ours... but a fraudy one, where you're unlikely to get any sort of drink for your money and it certainly won't be lemonade.

We've reported this business to Facebook. We've also written to them to ask them to kindly develop their own business ideas and stop using the photos that we took of our own bookstores and books, lovingly, over the past years.  Hopefully the site will go away soon. 

The true Book Grocer site


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