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Bargain Book Boxes (12)

Hard Hitting History & Biography 4 Bargain Box

Wilderness, war, upheaval and revolution. Hardcovers all.

Book Buyer's Choice Bargain Box

Our Book Buyer Karl's own bedside reading selection, celebrating our 200th Book Box.

The American Dream Bargain Box

Lost songs, lost highways, amity and prosperity.

EOFY Non-fiction Bargain Box (24 Books)

Profiles in folly, Timbuktu, Churchill, and when to rob a bank

Hard Hitting History & Biography Bargain Box 3

From strategy to success, the Red Nile to the Renaissance. All hardbacks.

Very Interesting Bargain Box 5

Become your best, well-rounded and well-read self

Hard Hitting History 2

There's nothing like a hardcover library to impress your friends. Assassins, conquests, Bethlehem and Stalin.

Ancient to Early Modern History Bargain Box


Very Interesting Bargain Box 3

A field guide to lies, death in the air, triumph of the city

Espionage & Undercover Bargain Box

Become MI6's top spy, attend the CIA's spy school, and more

Military History Bargain Box

Guns at last light; Among the headhunters; Hell Pit of Sendryu and more

Hard Hitting History & Biography Bargain Box

Assassinations, destinations, nations. Bolster your library with these gorgeous hardbacks