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The Sultan and the Queen: The Untold Story of Elizabeth and Islam


To Catch A King: Charles II's Great Escape


Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History


Young Prince Philip, His Turbulent Early Life

Prince Philip is the longest-serving royal consort in British history, yet his origins have remained curiously shrouded in obscurity.

Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters


Devices and Desires Bess of Hardwick and the Building of Elizabethan England


Secret Britain: The Hidden Bits of Our History


The White Ship: Conquest, Anarchy and the Wrecking of Henry I's Dream


The Royal Society: And the Invention of Modern Science


Waiting for War: Britain 1939-1940


The Usborne History of Britain Kings and Queens


Yorkshire: A lyrical history of England's greatest county


In These Times: Living in Britain Through Napoleon's Wars, 1793-1815

We know the thrilling, terrible stories of the battles of the Napoleonic Wars--but what of those left behind? A beautifully observed history of the British home front during the Napoleonic Wars by a celebrated historian.

Kick: The True Story of Kick Kennedy, JFK's Forgotten Sister, and the Heir to Chatsworth


Killing Goldfinger: The Secret, Bullet-Riddled Life and Death of Britain's Gangster Number One


An Economic History of the English Garden


The Crown in Crisis: Countdown to the Abdication

In December 1936, Britain faced a constitutional crisis that was the gravest threat to the institution of the monarchy since the execution of Charles I.

Royal Renegades: The Children of Charles I and the English Civil Wars


Elizabethans: A History of How Modern Britain Was Forged


Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900-1939