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Last Chance (26)

Literature 10 Bargain Book Box

Challenge and entertain yourself with Ferrante, Powers, Lahiri and Oates. Don't wait until Spring for this one

Travel the World Bargain Book Box

Drive coast to coast, wander the streets of Montmartre, explore extraordinary destinations. From home.

Vive La France Bargain Box

So French, so sweet. Delectable cakes, Bastille spies, anarchy and romance.

A Passage to India Bargain Box

Around India in 80 trains; memoirs of empire; elephants, rebirth and of course some Rushdie.

We Ain't Gonna Take It Bargain Box

Rebellion, protest, activism and generally being fearless. Inspirational.

The Lives of Others Bargain Box

Contemporary biographies of the well-loved and well-known

Fantasy Bargain Box 3

All 3 volumes of Dragon Lords. Plus swords, angels, gods and plagues

Coffee Table Bargain Box

Impress your friends and sort out your gifts. Gorgeous and inspired

Journalism & Publishing Bargain Box

Stop the presses! Merchants of truth, know-it-alls and war correspondents

IT & Technology Bargain Box

Genius and controversy in the new tech world order. Essential reading

Around the World in 80 Meals 2 Bargain Box

Simple French, ramen, ancient grains. Deliciously improbable and no boarding pass needed

Science - The Animal World & Evolution Bargain box

Encounter minibeasts and understand how the chicken crossed the world.

Combat & Special Forces Bargain Box

Odysseys, raiders, snipers and mayhem. Gripping and authentic

Wine & Cocktails Bargain Box

Get inspired with traditional, non-alcoholic and creative recipes; learn about wine; acquire some cool gifts

Women's Biography 2 Bargain Box

Extraordinary women and unforgettable adventures? Absolutely, darling

Hard Hitting History 2

There's nothing like a hardcover library to impress your friends. Assassins, conquests, Bethlehem and Stalin.

The Arts Bargain Box

Make your home more beautiful by adding Art. Design, colour, romance and posters

Literature Bargain Box 8

Nick Hornby, Anita Desai, Emile Zola and more

Award Winners & Runners Up Bargain Fiction Box

Paul Auster, Ian McGuire, Hilary Mantel and more in a star-studded Book Box

Romance (mass market) Mystery Box (22 books)

Dukes, kilts, romantic encounters. Warm up for winter