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Hard Hitting History (13)

Ancient to Early Modern History Bargain Box

Empty men, cities of gold and guilty women, through history

Science - The Animal World & Evolution Bargain box

Encounter minibeasts and understand how the chicken crossed the world.

Espionage & Undercover Bargain Box

Become MI6's top spy, attend the CIA's spy school, and more

Very Interesting Bargain Box 5

Become your best, well-rounded and well-read self

Hardcover History, Biography & Travel Bargain Box

Exceptional additions to your library that will enlighten your understanding of our present.

Combat & Special Forces Bargain Box

Odysseys, raiders, snipers and mayhem. Gripping and authentic

Very Interesting Bargain Book Box 6

Think this year's been bad? How about 1816 - the year without a summer? This and much more in our 6th V.I.B

History (October) Bargain Book Box

From cruel and shocking acts to some of history's most influential people

Celebrating Japan Bargain Box


History & Biography 6 Bargain Book Box

From the most dangerous man in America to the edge of annihilation...

The American Dream Bargain Box

Lost songs, lost highways, amity and prosperity.

Travels To Yesteryear History & Biography Bargain Book Box

With an array of topics and time periods, this Book Box is going to take you to iconic times in history.

One-off History & Biography Bargain Book Box SP071