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New Arrivals - Range (29)

24 Hours in Ancient Athens: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There


How to Be an Epicurean: The Ancient Art of Living Well

Philosopher Catherine Wilson shows that Epicureanism isn't an excuse for having a good time: it's a means to live a good life.

Emperors of Rome


24 Hours in Ancient Egypt: A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There


Genghis Khan: The Man Who Conquered the World


Himalaya: A Human History


Cities of the Classical World: An Atlas and Gazetteer of 120 Centres of Ancient Civilization


The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood


Electra and Other Plays


Seneca: A Life


How To Be a Stoic




I, Claudius: Popular Penguins


Discourses and Selected Writings


Antony and Cleopatra


Cleopatra: The Queen who Challenged Rome and Conquered Eternity


Origins: How the Earth Shaped Human History


Heroes: The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold


Attila The Hun


On Writing History from Herodotus to Herodian