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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dog or to run 401 marathons in 401 days.  Or perhaps be reminded of more inspirational times in US politics by looking at JFK or Obama's speeches.  Whatever your interests you will surely find a number of books to entertain you in our all new Very Interesting Bargain Box.

The 18 books in this box are:

9781610395717The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter  By:  David Sax

9781250206404The Bells of Old Tokyo: Meditations on Time and a City  By:  Anna Sherman

9780316360791In Pursuit of Memory: The Fight Against Alzheimer's  By:  Joseph Jebelli

9780465060696The Word Detective  By:  John Simpson

9780307985798The Darker the Night  By:  Paul Broks

9781101983942The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional  By:  Agustin Fuentes

9780465098477Celestial Bodies: How to Look at Ballet  By:  Laura Jacobs

9781541617551The Incurable Romantic: And Other Tales of Madness and Desire  By:  Dr Frank Tallis

9781610397803The Fate of the West: The Battle to Save the World's Most Successful Political Idea  By:  Bill Emmott

9781250147189Creating Things That Matter: The Art and Science of Innovations That Last  By:  MR David Edwards (The University of Oxford UK)

9781610397131The Ingenious Mr. Pyke  By:  Henry Hemming

9780143131502What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and the Food That Tells Their Stories  By:  Laura Shapiro

9781472956187401: The Man who Ran 401 Marathons in 401 Days and Changed his Life Forever  By:  Ben Smith

9780465096244What It's Like to Be a Dog: And Other Adventures in Animal Neuroscience  By:  Gregory Berns

9781501105579The Road to Camelot: Inside JFK's Five-Year Campaign  By:  Thomas Oliphant

9780374122881Pandemic: Tracking Contagions  By:  Sonia Shah

9781408889053We Are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama  By:  E.J. Dionne Jr.

9781610397766The Devil's Financial Dictionary  By:  Jason Zweig


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