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How to set up a Book Grocer Book Link in Goodreads so you can buy your favourite books from us!

Add Book Grocer as a Book Link to your profile - we're hoping to get added to the menu of available links very soon! In the meantime you can follow the instructions below and add Book Grocer which will then appear as an available supplier for any book you're interested in. 

Go to Account Settings - Book Links (you'll be prompted to log in)
'Add a new link' (above Popular Links) 
Link name: Book Grocer
Skip ISBN search field
Then paste the following text into ISBN-13 field
Test Link - the website will appear, it’ll say sorry no items found, that’s fine. 
Then paste the following text into TITLE field
Test Link - the website will appear, it may return some Harry Potter related result, that’s fine.
Check the 'ecommerce' box
Click 'Create Book Link'
This link should now appear beneath 'Get a Copy' - 'Online Stores' when you're browsing in Goodreads.  If we have other editions available, these should also show up. 
If you have any questions please email us -