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Avenue Of Spies
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Avenue Of Spies

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Author: Alex Kershaw

Format: Hardback

Number of Pages: 304

The leafy Avenue Foch, one of the most exclusive residential streets in Nazi-occupied France, was Paris s hotbed of daring spies, murderous secret police, amoral informers, and Vichy collaborators. So when American physician Sumner Jackson, who lived with his wife and young son Phillip at number 11, found himself drawn into the Liberation network of the French resistance, he knew the stakes were impossibly high. Just down the road at number 31 was the mad sadist Theodor Dannecker, an Eichmann protege charged with deporting French Jews to concentration camps. And number 84 housed the Parisian headquarters of the Gestapo, run by the most effective spy hunter in Nazi Germany. From his office at the American Hospital, itself an epicenter of intrigue, Jackson smuggled fallen Allied fighter pilots out of France, a job complicated by the hospital director s close ties to collaborationist Vichy. After witnessing the brutal round-up of his Jewish friends, Jackson invited Liberation to operate out of his home but the noose soon began to tighten. When his secret life was discovered by his Nazi neighbors, he and his family were forced to undertake a journey into the dark heart of the war-t