Let It Shine A gripping saga of greed
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Let It Shine A gripping saga of greed

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Author: Josephine Cox

Format: Paperback / softback

Number of Pages: 304

LET IT SHINE by Josephine Cox, the Sunday Times bestselling author, is a spellbinding novel of money, greed, integrity and love. Ada Williams once believed money and power would bring her happiness. But now she is all alone except for her greedy son Peter, who waits only for the day he will inherit her fortune. Ada, however, has a different plan altogether. A few miles away in Blackburn, the Bolton family may be poor - but the love they share means they can overcome almost any adversity. But no one could foresee the shocking events of Christmas night, 1932, which split the family asunder, leaving Larry crippled and the twins, Ellie and Betsy, in a foster home. Events that began many years ago, when Ada Williams was young and foolish.