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Young Adult (22)

EOFY Young Adult (26 Books)

The YA Book Box you don't want to miss out on!

Moonchild: City of the Sun (The Moonchild series, Book 2)


Christmas Mystery: A Christmas Special


Problem Solved: 52 Teen Boy Problems & How To Solve Them


Young Adult Bargain Book Box 8

Daring quests, high school scandals and electrifying magical powers.

Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World


Sensational: A Historical Thriller in 19th Century Paris


The Good Son: A Story from the First World War, Told in Miniature


This Can Never Not Be Real


Can We Talk About Consent?


The Curse in the Candlelight (Scarlet and Ivy, Book 5)


The Nearest Faraway Place


Tess of the d'Urbervilles


You Smell!: (And so does everything else)


Maisie Mammoth's Memoirs: A Guide to Ice Age Celebs


The Star-spun Web




Toto the Ninja Cat and the Superstar Catastrophe: Book 3


The Star Thief


The Magykal Papers