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Guys I'm speechless!! I ordered 2 boxes on the 18th and I've already received them in Sydney and finished reading my first book. What an awesome collection of books, there wasn't a single option that I wouldn't read. Well done for being so innovative in these crazy times. Definitely a happy customer, I will be purchasing more and recommending you to all my friends 😘 Honestly didn't realise how much of a book nerd I was until I was counting down for the kids to go to bed so I can read 😂😂 Great job guys x - Rola via Instagram

We have ordered two boxes so far- the history box and a spring mystery box. So worth the money- each book in perfect condition for a few dollars each. Received both boxes within the week and considering we are in WA it was a delightful surprise! - Renee, WA

I received my first ever box yesterday - the gift box - I’m absolutely thrilled with the contents, how it was packed, the selection - thank you for the incredible customer service!  I’m looking forward to purchasing more!!! - Melissa, NSW

Thankyou and bless you for your bargain boxes...I have had a few different boxes now, and all have proven great value and just a joy in my life. I live in a rural area, and rely on internet buys. The first box I ordered when Covid was just becoming an issue...I am an ambo with Ambulance Victoria and one of the first tested and placed in isolation. The box was delivered by a scared delivery driver and deposited over my fence, and was the contents were definitely a major positive during my two weeks in lockdown. And last week I received one of the Mystery boxes. Wow. Again, well done and I love it….
Again, Thankyou for your great store, service, ideas, and concepts. I love reading your emails and sigh/yell when I read of new boxes that have been invented. You are an invaluable asset to Covid lockdowns...hang in there! - Litia

Hey guys, massive thanks yet again. My folks received the surprise box of books and were thrilled. They said there are books that they ordinarily would not have chosen for themselves but actually sound like pretty good reads so will give them a crack.  Aaaand I can't wait to get into them once they're done. - Kelly

I’ve just opened my Biography Box (having been in hospital for a few days).  What a terrific collection!!! THANK YOU!  Half the biographies are of people I had never heard of, but then there are also the greats, Jane Austen, Hilary Clinton, the Mistresses of Cliveden etc etc etc.  It will take me the rest of my life to read, but what a great collection!  Thank you so much for sending all this for the trumpery price of a hundred notes! - J. O. Ward

You guys are awesome! The book arrived this morning! Will definitely be using and recommending The Book Grocer! - Kathy

My mystery book box arrived and it’s been such a joy. I’m sitting on the floor like a kid at christmas, exclaiming with surprise and curiosity over everything I pull out. Thank you for this idea, thank you for giving me so much new stuff to learn and explore and puzzle and play. 5/5 will do it again or recommend to all my friends! This is hands down the best impulse purchase I have made all pandemic. It’s the healthiest impulse action I’ve made all pandemic. Totally worth every cent. Worth more than every cent because of the excitement and joy of receiving and opening it. - Claude

Just received the picture book value box! Amazing books, great quality, great selection and super fast delivery! Highly recommend! Amazing value! - Jess

oh. my. god. Bought a books of history/military books for $100 and THEY ARRIVED TODAY!! and there isn't a single one I'm not excited to be adding to my collection. What an incredible deal on some really incredible books. Christmas in July for meeee - Jessica

Thank you so much!! Just received my mystery box today!! AWESOME!! I am so impressed, lost of amazing books!! I want to buy another one!!
Very happy for my review to be of assistance to others because I believe the mystery box was amazing value with some extraordinary and titles...I am so looking forward to reading them all!!! - Lisa

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my EOFY random books box. I recieved it today & am so excited to get into them. I love that the books may not be what I normally order but I'm ok with that, gets me to open up my genre list. Thanks again & I look forward to the next random sale you have 😍 Kindest regards - Mary

The excitement of our box arriving yesterday was extreme - very happy kids! Such a great assortment, and so many choices to keep us busy in lockdown. Thank you so much! - Kim

Just put my 3rd order in 6 days through. I’m in Melbourne metro and my first two orders have already arrived, I’m in awe! That is incredible service at the best of times, the fact it’s happened during lockdown is exceptional. Thank you also for accommodating my request on here, the high level of customer service I’ve experienced ensures my continued future custom. Keep up the great work guys. - Grace

I received my first ever box yesterday - the gift box - I’m absolutely thrilled with the contents, how it was packed, the selection - thank you for the incredible customer service!  I’m looking forward to purchasing more!!! - Melissa