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Book Grocer Recommends: Chilling True Crime Reads (Horror, murder, mystery, unsolved cases, detective)

by Book Grocer on April 28, 2023

⚠️   WARNING  ⚠️ 

This list is not for the faint of heart. This list includes some of the most chilling True Crime Books Book Grocer has to offer.

1. The Good Mothers: The True Story of the Women Who Took on the World's Most Powerful Mafia

A feminist saga of true crime and justice, The Good Mothers is the riveting story of a high-stakes battle pitting a brilliant, driven woman fighting to save a nation against ruthless mafiosi fighting for their existence. Caught in the middle are three women fighting for their children and their lives. Not all will survive.



2. Little Sister: My Investigation into the Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

On the night of November 29, 1981, Natalie Wood disappeared from her yacht, while visiting Catalina Island with her husband, Robert “R.J.” Wagner and their friend, Christopher Walken. The beloved movie star’s tragic drowning shook America, inspiring troves of magazine covers and media pieces. What was originally believed to be an open-and-shut case of accidental drowning has been called into question over the years, and in 2011 the investigation was reopened.

Ever since, the question has remained: What really happened to Natalie Wood?



3. Murder Under the Microscope: Serial Killers, Cold Cases and Life as a Forensic Investigator 

Want to know what goes on behind the scenes? How is murder investigated and what role does forensic science play in solving cases? In this gripping book Jim Fraser draws on his personal experience as a forensic scientist and cold case reviewer, giving a unique insight into forensic science by examining in detail some of the most high-profile murder investigations in recent decades.



4. Murder by the Book: The Crime That Shocked Dickens's London

 In May 1840, Lord William Russell, well known in London's highest social circles, was found with his throat cut. The brutal murder had the whole city talking. 

From the acclaimed biographer--the fascinating, little-known story of a Victorian-era murder that rocked literary London, leading Charles Dickens, William Thackeray, and Queen Victoria herself to wonder: Can a novel kill? 



5. Relentless Pursuit: My Fight for the Victims of Jeffrey Epstein


The rich don't always get away with it. Jeffrey Epstein: the man who sparked outrage across the world for his abuse of power and revealing the famous faces who participated in Epstein's trafficking ring. He was in headlines for weeks when the truth came out. Read all about it in Relentless Pursuit.



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