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20th Century History (15)

Legacy of War: The action-packed new book in the Courtney Series


At Close Range: Life and Death in an Artillery Regiment, 1939-45


Undreamed Shores: The Hidden Heroines of British Anthropology

Larson's masterful biography is a revelatory portrait of a pioneering quintet, one whose contribution has for too long been left uncelebrated.

The Infiltrators: The Lovers Who Led Germany's Resistance Against the Nazis


Waiting for War: Britain 1939-1940


Mussolini's War: Fascist Italy from Triumph to Collapse, 1935-1943


The Invisible Land


World War II: The Essential History, Volume 2: From the Invasion of Sicily to VJ Day 1943-45


Fatherland: A Family History


The Language of Thieves: The Story of Rotwelsch and One Family's Secret History


Eggs or Anarchy: The remarkable story of the man tasked with the impossible: to feed a nation at war


Pessoa: An Experimental Life


The Great Secret: The Classified World War II Disaster that Launched the War on Cancer


The Invitation-Only Zone: The Extraordinary Story of North Korea's Abduction Project


Prisoners of Time: Prussians, Germans and Other Humans