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Modern History (c1700-1900) (66)

The Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books: Christopher Columbus, His Son, and the Quest to Build the World's Greatest Library


Einstein's War: How Relativity Triumphed Amid the Vicious Nationalism of World War I


How Democracies Die


The Square and the Tower: Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook


Culloden: Scotland's Last Battle and the Forging of the British Empire


The Republic of Pirates: Being the true and surprising story of the Caribbean pirates and the man who brought them down


This is Rembrandt


The Gilded Chalet: Off-piste in Literary Switzerland


Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History


The Secret War Against Napoleon: Britain's Assassination Plot on the French Emperor


The Beauty and the Terror: An Alternative History of the Italian Renaissance


The Sultan and the Queen: The Untold Story of Elizabeth and Islam


Elizabethan Society: High and Low Life, 1558-1603


Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow


The Last Princess: The Devoted Life of Queen Victoria's Youngest Daughter


Holy Madness: Romantics, Patriots And Revolutionaries 1776-1871


The Mystery of Charles Dickens


Big Sister, Little Sister, Red Sister: Three Women at the Heart of Twentieth-Century China


Mr Lear: A Life of Art and Nonsense


The Perfect House: A Journey with the Renaissance Master Andrea Palladio