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20th Century History (35)

Operation Pedestal: The Fleet that Battled to Malta 1942


Find Frida


The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars


The House of the Dead: Siberian Exile Under the Tsars


Hitler: Volume II: Downfall 1939-45


A Family In Wartime


V2: the Sunday Times bestselling World War II thriller


The Sniper Encyclopedia An A-Z Guide to World Sniping


The Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 1908-1923


A Pair of Silver Wings


The Nazis Knew My Name: A remarkable story of survival and courage in Auschwitz


Japan Story: In Search of a Nation, 1850 to the Present


Rosie's War: An Englishwoman's Escape From Occupied France


Grand Improvisation: America Confronts the British Superpower, 1945-1957


Conversations With Stalin


Eichmann in Jerusalem


Appeasing Hitler: Chamberlain, Churchill and the Road to War


General Mark Clark Commander of U.S. Fifth Army and Liberator of Rome


Nucleus: a gripping spy thriller


The Devil's Diary: Alfred Rosenberg and the Stolen Secrets of the Third Reich