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Ancient History (18)

Civilisations: How Do We Look / The Eye of Faith: As seen on TV


Philip and Alexander: Kings and Conquerors


Meals and Recipes from Ancient Greece


Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living: From Ayurveda to Zen: Seasonal Wisdom for Clarity and Balance


As the Romans Do: Authentic and reinvented recipes from the Eternal City




The Unnamable Present


Great Sites of the Ancient World


In Words and Deeds


Gestures: Essays in Ancient History, Literature, and Philosophy presented to Alan L Boegehold


Against Dharma: Dissent in the Ancient Indian Sciences of Sex and Politics


Ancient Egypt


Jason And The Argonauts


British Museum: Mixed-Up Masterpieces, Funny Faces


Coined: The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us


Chosen: Lost and Found between Christianity and Judaism


The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity


The Bad Boy of Athens: Classics from the Greeks to Game of Thrones