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Bargain Book Boxes (14)

Hard Hitting History & Biography 4 Bargain Box

Wilderness, war, upheaval and revolution. Hardcovers all.

EOFY Non-fiction Bargain Box (24 Books)

Profiles in folly, Timbuktu, Churchill, and when to rob a bank

Success & Failure Biography Bargain Box

A box full of infamy, success, tragedy and redemption.

We Ain't Gonna Take It Bargain Box

Rebellion, protest, activism and generally being fearless. Inspirational.

The Lives of Others Bargain Box

Contemporary biographies of the well-loved and well-known

Hard Hitting History & Biography Bargain Box 3

From strategy to success, the Red Nile to the Renaissance. All hardbacks.

Unconventional Lives Bargain Biography Box

From Public Enemy to Alan Greenspan, notorious to beloved.

Women's Biography 2 Bargain Box

Extraordinary women and unforgettable adventures? Absolutely, darling

Hard Hitting History 2

There's nothing like a hardcover library to impress your friends. Assassins, conquests, Bethlehem and Stalin.

Celebrating the Big & Little Screens Bargain Box

We're all glued to them. Now read about them. Some great tales and gift ideas.

Political Biography Bargain Box

From inspirational to despicable, the political spectrum in one Book Box

Ancient to Early Modern History Bargain Box


Books About Books & Authors Bargain Box

Letters of Chatwin, bad-ass librarians, word detectives: every word is a bird we teach to sing.

Something For Him Bargain Box

Father's Day is coming up. This is a great combination of books sure to appeal!