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Browse our boxes in all categories, from History to Science, Biography and much more. Create a library at home full of the books you love. 14-20 books for $100.

Non-Fiction Bargain Boxes (46)

Festive Book Hamper - Friends

20 more beautiful individually wrapped books. You're a Christmas legend now.

Festive Book Hamper - Family

20 beautiful individually wrapped books. Making it easier for you to give the best gift at Christmas

Hard Hitting History & Biography Bargain Box 5

History & Biography lovers, this one's for you!

Fashion & Style Bargain Book Box

Calling all fashionistas

Inspirational Women Bargain Book Box

Girl bosses of the world unite!

Careers and Personal Development Bargain Book Box

Featuring advice from (non) life coaches and, your cat!

Crafts Bargain Book Box 3

Your new hobby awaits!

Books About Books and Authors Bargain Book Box 2

A box filled with books, about books!

October Business Bargain Book Box

Blockchain, bank robberies and The Big Short.

Non-Fiction Mystery Bargain Box (25 Books)

A surprise selection of 25 great non-fiction titles ranging from history, military, biography, science, health and more!

Advent Non-Fiction Book Box

A 'bookvent calendar' of 24 individually wrapped non-fiction books, to brighten each day leading up to Christmas

Pop Culture Bargain Book Box

Get 'woke' and in the now with this interesting selection of books.

History (October) Bargain Book Box

From cruel and shocking acts to some of history's most influential people

From Fossils to A.I. Bargain Book Box

Creativity, infinity and a glass universe.

Popular Psychology Bargain Book Box 2

A box filled with thought provoking questions and answers.

Very Interesting Bargain Book Box 7

The V.I.B returns with another collection of fascinating reads

Food Reflections Bargain Book Box

Take a bite out of this box!

Science Bargain Book Box 4

Fact: you don't have to be a scientist to enjoy this Book Box.

The Land Down Under Bargain Book Box

Wildlife, road trips, history and delicious recipes. What more could you want?

Leadership Bargain Book Box

Learn from the greats. Mandela, Eisenhower, Branson and more