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Hard Hitting History (10)

Hardcover History, Biography & Travel Bargain Box

Exceptional additions to your library that will enlighten your understanding of our present.

Very Interesting Bargain Book Box 6

Lost pilots, secrets of the universe, the history of Blockchain, how to give a TED talk, death rays and more.

Hard Hitting History & Biography Bargain Box 5

History & Biography lovers, this one's for you!

Espionage & Special Operations Bargain Book Box (17 Books)

Secret missions, double agents, and non-stop adrenaline.

Social Aspects of War & Conflict Bargain Book Box

Featuring some of history's most impactful events and the people involved.

Travels To Yesteryear History & Biography Bargain Book Box

With an array of topics and time periods, this Book Box is going to take you to iconic times in history.

Best of History Bargain Book Box


One-off Cold War & Intelligence Bargain Book Box ON148


One-off Asian History Bargain Book Box ON185


One-off Middle Eastern History & Current Affairs Bargain Book Box ON086