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Lifestyle Bargain Boxes (12)

The Arts Bargain Box

Make your home more beautiful by adding Art. Design, colour, romance and posters

Improve Yourself Bargain Box

A Book Box to detox, think, network, build, dream and prosper. It's also super interesting

Vegetarian, Vegan & Wholefoods Bargain Box

Which vegetable is king? Take a 7-day challenge, eat right for your shape, make food that's not gross.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Bargain Box

Whether you're into list-making, gardening, pets or creative projects, you'll find your centre here

Book Buyer's Choice Bargain Box

Our Book Buyer Karl's own bedside reading selection, celebrating our 200th Book Box.

Music Bargain Box 3

The greats, the classics, the hit factories, Paul McCartney. What a wonderful Book Box

Cookery/Lifestyle Bargain Box

Unlock your superstar mind, explore tasty breakfast and Italian recipes, learn how to appreciate wine (more)

Coffee Table Bargain Box

Impress your friends and sort out your gifts. Gorgeous and inspired

Gifts Galore Bargain Box

Something for everyone, from Aretha Franklin to Loki to popular science to Moroccan colours.

Sports Bargain Box

In an Olympic year (sort of) what better time to build your sports library or find that special gift. Includes Into Thin Air which everyone should read!

Wine & Cocktails Bargain Box

Get inspired with traditional, non-alcoholic and creative recipes; learn about wine; acquire some cool gifts

Nordic Seasons Bargain Book Box

Embrace the Nordic way with this selection of literature, cookery, biography and popular culture