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Books about space, the stars and beyond.

Astronomy (48)

The Spinning Magnet: The Force That Created the Modern World - and Could Destroy It


Constellations: The Story of Space Told Through the 88 Known Star Patterns in the Night Sky


The Planets


Moondust In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth


The Secret Lives of Planets: A User's Guide to the Solar System - BBC Sky At Night's Best Astronomy and Space Books of 2019


13.8 The Quest to Find the True Age of the Universe and the Theory of Everything


The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything


Einstein's Shadow: A Black Hole




Fire in the Sky Cosmic Collisions


Cosmic Impact: Understanding the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets


The Infinite Monkey Cage - How to Build a Universe


The Hunt for Vulcan: . . . and How Albert Einstein Destroyed a Planet, Discovered Relativity, and Deciphered the Universe


Gravity's Kiss: The Detection of Gravitational Waves


Zapped: From Infrared to X-rays, the Curious History of Invisible Light


Goldilocks and the Water Bears: The Search for Life in the Universe


Dkfindout! Solar System


Look Up: Our story with the stars


A History of the Universe in 21 Stars: (and 3 Imposters)


Planet Earth: A Beginner's Guide