What Type of Reader Are You?

What Type of Reader Are You?
We've put together a list of the major types of readers and our BEST book shopping recommendations!
You might relate to one, or you might relate to all of them, but we're quite certain that every reader fits into at least one of these. So, let's find out: are you
an Adventurist, a Homebody, a Fashionista, or a Collector?


1. The Adventurist 

The Adventurist is a reader who loves to explore new genres and authors. They don't necessarily always follow book trends, but they will always add any book recommendation given to them on their TBR list... because they never know when they'll find a new favourite book or author.
It's also likely they are currently reading more than one book!
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2. The Homebody 

Homebodies know exactly what type of books and which authors they love, and they'll rarely stray from either when choosing a new book to read.
It's not that they don't want to try new books, it's just that they have so many books on their list, they don't have time for books that they know won't make their favourites list!
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3. The Fashionista

The books everyone is always talking about on BookTok, Bookstagram, or BookTube? You either have already read them, own them, or about to. Fashionista readers love to stay in the loop with what books are going and is worth picking up, according to the public.
A movie's coming out? They'll definitely read it before watching it on Netflix.
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4. The Collector

Collectors walk into a bookstore looking for a particular book, and come out with an extra three because they couldn't turn down a beautiful cover! They also love to splurge on different editions of their favourites so they can add it to their shelves... which by the way, they may need to buy another bookshelf!

The hardcore Collectors may even have editions in languages they don't even speak, just because they love the book so much!
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So... did you find out what type of reader you are?


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