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Land: How the Hunger for Ownership Shaped the Modern World


Living Planet: The Web of Life on Earth


What If We Stopped Pretending?


The Weather Detective: Rediscovering Nature's Secret Signs


Tapestries of Life: Uncovering the Lifesaving Secrets of the Natural World


The Deep: The Hidden Wonders of Our Oceans and How We Can Protect Them


The Last Giants: The Rise and Fall of the African Elephant


Tree Beings


Platypus Matters: The Extraordinary Story of Australian Mammals


Children in Our World: Protecting the Planet


Countertop Gardens: Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment


Everything All At Once


Life from Above: Epic Stories of the Natural World


Mother of Invention: How Good Ideas Get Ignored in an Economy Built for Men


Circular Fashion: Making the Fashion Industry Sustainable


The Growth Delusion: Wealth, Poverty, and the Well-Being of Nations


The Ice at the End of the World: An Epic Journey Into Greenland's Buried Past and Our Perilous Future


A Life Less Throwaway The lost art of buying for life


We Are the Weather Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast


Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (And You) Can Make Our Globe Clean Again

Journalist, broadcaster and eco lifestyle expert Lucy Siegle provides a powerful call to arms to end the plastic pandemic along with the tools we need to make decisive change.