Performing Arts (1108)

How to Be Alone: If You Want To, and Even If You Don't


More than a Muse: Creative Partnerships That Sold Talented Women Short


Twilight of the Gods: A Journey to the End of Classic Rock


30-Second Leonardo da Vinci: His 50 greatest ideas and inventions, each explained in half a minute


30-Second Classical Music: The 50 most significant genres, composers and innovations, each explained in half a minute


Thanks a Lot MR Kibblewhite: My Story


Paper Garden: Bonsai: Craft a Model Bonsai for Every Season


Doctor Who: Whographica: An Infographic Guide to Space and Time


Dramatic Exchanges: Letters of the National Theatre


It's Saturday Morning!: Celebrating the Golden Era of Cartoons 1960s - 1990s


Salvador Dali at Home


Expressive Type: Unique Typographic Design in Sketchbooks, in Print, and On Location around the Globe


The Apple Book


AC/DC: Album by Album


A New Heaven: Harry Christophers and The Sixteen Choral conversations with Sara Mohr-Pietsch


Crossroads: In Search of the Moments that Changed Music


Rock Bottom: A Music Writer's Journey into Madness


The Year of the Geek: 365 Adventures from the Sci-Fi Universe


Wrote For Luck: Selected Lyrics


Then It Fell Apart