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The Arts (1483)



The Predator: The Art and Making of the Film


The World at Night: Spectacular photographs of the night...

Bringing together the images of over 40 photographers across 25 countries, be astounded by the lights of the night sky in some of the darkest places on earth.

Red-Color News Soldier


Photographic Memory: Match & reveal 25 iconic photos


The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the...


In Montparnasse: The Emergence of Surrealism in Paris, from...

Noted art historian and biographer Sue Roe now tells the story of the Surrealists in Montparnasse.

Charlie's Good Tonight: The Authorised Biography of Charlie Watts

Featuring forewords from bandmates Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, this is the official and fully authorised biography of the world's most revered and celebrated drummer.

The Magic of MinaLima


Pollock Confidential: A Graphic Novel


Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild and True Story...


We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story


'Til Wrong Feels Right: Lyrics and More


You're Dad: A Little Book for Fathers (And the...


This is Rembrandt


Midsomer Murders Location Guide: Discover the villages, pubs and...


Record Play Pause: Confessions of a Post-Punk Percussionist: the...

A remarkable memoir from Joy Division & New Order's Stephen Morris, who tells his story for the first time.

Salvador Dali at Home

Salvador Dali at Home explores the influence of Catalan culture and tradition, Dali's home life and the places he lived, on his life and work.

A Cellarful of Noise: With a new introduction by...

Featuring over 30 photographs that offer a glimpse of the Beatles on their way to phenomenal success, A Cellarful of Noise is essential reading for every Beatles fan.

1973: Rock at the Crossroads

While the oil crisis imploded the American dream of endless prosperity, and Watergate's walls closed in on Nixon, the music of 1973 both reflected a shattered world and brought us together.

The Geek's Guide to SF Cinema: 30 Key Films...


30-Second Photography: The 50 most thought-provoking photographers, styles and...


Twentieth-Century Type and Beyond


The Gallery of Miracles and Madness: Insanity, Art and...


Men in Black Films: The Official Visual Companion to...


Harry Styles: The Making of a Modern Man


Little Book of Christian Louboutin: The Story of the...

Among designers of luxury shoes, there is one whose designs are instantly recognizable: Christian Louboutin.

The Secrets of Art: Uncovering the mysteries and messages...

The Secrets of Art unveils the layers of meaning beneath the surfaces of great works of art in a collection of tales that are fully based in fact but are as fascinating as fiction.

What Alexander McQueen Can Teach You About Fashion


How About never--is Never Good for You? My Life...


Magnum Artists: When Great Photographers Meet Great Artists


The Art of Looking Up

First and foremost, this is a visual feast, but also a desirable art book that challenges readers to seek out fine art in more unusual places and question the statements they may be making.

Michaelangelo's Notebooks: The Poetry, Letters and Art of the...

Michelangelo's Notebooks is an intimate celebration of the artist's sketches, architectural drawings, letters, and love poems.

Tracey Emin


Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour


A Grand Success!: The Aardman Journey, One Frame at...


This is Matisse


This is Leonardo da Vinci


Heavy Duty: Days and Nights in Judas Priest

Get a backstage pass and see Judas Priest like you've never seen them before in this electrifying memoir by the band's cofounder and former lead guitarist.

Modernists & Mavericks: Bacon, Freud, Hockney and the London...


Art of Power: Masterpieces from the Bute Collection

This book focuses on the extraordinary Bute Collection at Mount Stuart and its illustrious history.

The Mysterious Affair at Olivetti: IBM, the CIA, and...


Amazing Art Adventures: Around the world in 400 immersive...

Aimed at all of us who travel to learn about new places and cultures, this book gathers together hundreds of unforgettable art experiences around the world, acting as an inspirational travel guide for anyone interested in art.

You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone: The Biography...


Well Adorned Home: Making Luxury Livable

Known for her carefully nuanced colour palettes and attention to detail, Cathy Kincaid creates warm and gracious interiors.

A Guide to Visual Presentation


City Sketching Reimagined: Ideas, exercises, inspiration


Dior and Roses


Transformer: How Lou Reed's LGBTQ+ Love Songs Changed

In this funny and poignant memoir and cultural history, the television personality, columnist, and author of Drag pays homage to Lou Reed's groundbreaking album Transformer.

Sharp Suits: A celebration of men's tailoring

This book contains everything you need to know about suits, from the traditional designs of the early 1900s, to innovative contemporary variations. It was awarded Financial Times' Fashion Book of the Year.

Cats in Spring Rain


Cartier: The Story Behind the Style

Cartier: The Story Behind the Style is a beautifully illustrated, handbag-sized visual history of one of the world's most iconic brands.



The Munich Art Hoard: Hitler's Dealer and His Secret...


Love of My Life: The Life and Loves of...

Millions of Queen and screen fans who watched the Oscar-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody believe that Mary Austin, the woman he could never quite let go of, was the love of Freddie Mercury's life. But the truth is infinitely more complicated.

Exposed: The Greek and Roman Body - Shortlisted for...

Cassicist Caroline Vout reaches beyond texts and galleries to expose Greek and Roman bodies for what they truly were: anxious, ailing, imperfect, diverse, and responsible for a legacy as lasting as their statues.

Tom Eckersley: A Mid-century Modern Master


Reversing Into The Future: New Wave Graphics 1977-1990




Nautical Chic