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Women in Writing (32)

A House Full of Daughters: A Memoir of Seven Generations


In Extremis: The Life and Death of the War Correspondent Marie Colvin


Deeds Not Words, The Story of Women's Rights - Then and Now


Unspeakable Things, Sex, Lies and Revolution


You Are the Girl for the Job: Daring to Believe the God Who Calls You


Preach to Yourself: When Your Inner Critic Comes Calling, Talk Back with Truth


Get Out of Your Head Conversation Card Deck: A Study in Philippians


Little Panic: Dispatches from an Anxious Life


Hen Frigates: Wives of Merchant Captains Under Sail


More than a Muse: Creative Partnerships That Sold Talented Women Short


The Glass Universe: How the Ladies of the Harvard Observatory Took the Measure of the Stars


Women and Leadership: Real Lives, Real Lessons


Women, Race & Class


Giving Up the Ghost: A Memoir


How Women Rise: Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job


Equality for Women = Prosperity for All: The Disastrous Global Crisis of Gender Inequality


Sister Outsider


You Goddess!: Lessons in Being Legendary from Awesome Immortals


How to be a Gentlewoman: The Art of Soft Power in Hard Times


Happiness Becomes You: A guide to changing your life for good