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Beer Hacks: 100 Tips, Tricks, and Projects


Diecut Warmers - Home Baking


One Pot


Spiralize: 40 nutritious recipes to transform the way you eat


The Calm Kitchen: Mindful Recipes to Feed Body and Soul

The best self-care stars with what we eat. Following the four seasons, The Calm Kitchen is an intuitive guide to reconnecting with nature through food, cookery and ingredient-sourcing.

The Right Fat: How to enjoy fats with over 50 simple, nutritious recipes for good health


Allergy Sense: For families: a practical guide


Good Fat Cooking: Recipes for a Flavor-Packed, Healthy Life: A Cookbook


The Little Book of Lager: A Guide to the World's Most Popular Style of Beer

Full of nuggets of trivia, fun facts, what to eat with each type and where to find them, it's designed to reignite people's passion for an underrated beer style.

The Whisky Cubes Pack: The Cool Solution to Whisky Dilution


Frozen Yoghurt


Essentials Collection


All in One


From Earth to Plate




Shrimp: A Global History


Sea Salt Sweet: The Art of Using Salts for the Ultimate Dessert Experience

Discover the magic alchemy in mixing saltiness with sweetness! Award-winning blogger and master baker Heather Baird teaches you how to use fine artisan salts to make mouthwatering desserts for any occasion.

#RecipeShorts: Delicious dishes in 140 characters


Tequila Mockingbird: Notes


Ciderology From History and Heritage to the Craft Cider Revolution